[OOC Mode] – Character Background

This post contains out of character knowlege, some of which is not known, in character, to Titania herself. While it is possible that other characters *do* have knowlege (primarily those with information-gathering backgrounds in the world of Girl Genius), please IM the player BEFORE revealing any of this to Titania so that a mutually-agreeable plot point may be developed around it. 

Titania is a clank, a construct from the universe of Girl Genius, a comic by Phil Foglio in a steampunk Victoriana-flavored universe. Other Girl Genius Characters in SL include Baron Klaus Wulfanbach and Agatha Clay. Clanks are robots, which range from the small windup-toy variety to large complex war machines and occasionally, human-shaped constructs. The most famous of these are the Lost Muses- 9 artistically-inspired female-shaped clanks with amazing proficiency- and apparent creative ability and independence- in various artistic modes. These were created approximately 200 years BPD (Before Present Day) by a master craftsman/mad scientist named van Rijn. Two have been revealed in the comic- Tinka, the dancer, and Moxana, a fortune teller/chess player. Several of the muses are known to have been destroyed in attempts by other craftsmen to learn how they work. Titania is not a muse, but is another van Rijn creation, one of the earlier prototypes of the muses. Unfortunately, damage and the passage of time has made her memory a little uncertain, and even she is unaware of this, although a Europan clank expert could quite possibly recognize her.

Titania is herself convinced that she was, at one time, human.  (And might have been- no one knows, in truth, how van Rijn created his amazingly lifelike clanks) She has vague memories of many different times and places, and plays a number of different instruments, many of them quite well. Previous to falling through a portal to Caledon, she was a musician with a traveling show with a tableaux of Muses, played by well-costumed mortals- she thinks. It’s all rather vague and dreamlike. Before that… she’s not so sure.


Hello world!


I am Titania Eldridge, a citizen of Caledon, and this journal is a place where I can record my travels, as suggested to me by my dear friend Miss Melanippe Karas.